Bob Lee

Bob has been on the team since mid 2015, focusing on program delivery and operations. He’s married to Ruth and they have 4 kiddos. He served 8 years in the WA Army National Guard (176 Engineers) and prior to joining this team dabbled with construction, law enforcement and pastoral ministry.

Caryn Aderhold

Caryn has worked for Stronger Families as a Program Coordinator since 2014. Before joining the Stronger Families team, she worked as an Executive Assistant for International Cruise Lines, as well as an International Electronics Firm, an Office/Para Educator for the Northshore School District, and a Retail Manager at an independent toy store. Outside of work, Caryn and her husband have recently relocated from Seattle, WA to Johnson City, TN where she is enjoying spending time with new friends, playing with her 3 dogs, and exploring all that Eastern TN and surroundings have to offer.

Don Nelson

Owner, Team Nelson

Earthwork & Utilities

Edward Sumner

Edward brings 15 years of executive leadership experience to the Stronger Families team as our VP, Managing Director. He is passionate about serving people in hard places, building creative solutions, and making a significant impact in the community. He is a proud hubby and father to a blended family of 6, in his free time Edward enjoys mountaineering, sailing, and helping his lovely wife with projects around the house.

Ellie Calquhoun

Ellie Calquhoun joined the Stronger Families team in 2022 as the Development Coordinator. Previously, she earned her degree and worked in Development at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. Now, she is enjoying getting to meet and work with the donors and supporters of this mission at Stronger Families. With multiple friends and family serving in the military, police, and fire departments, Ellie’s role is an opportunity to serve the communities of her loved ones. Ellie and her husband moved back down to their hometown area of Olympia, WA to be near their big families, close friends, and cheaper rent! When Ellie is not answering her work phone, she is probably shooing chickens out of the garden or drinking coffee with friends.

Jim DuBois

Retired Cheif Information Officer,

Microsoft Corporation

Karissa Meador

Chief Development Officer, Stronger Families

Co-Creator and Author,

OXYGEN Seminar

Katie Koons

Katie joined the Stronger Families team in January 2016. Katie attended Central Washington University where she studied Information Technology and specialized in Administrative Management. Before Stronger Families, Katie was a Behavioral Educator for students with special needs in the Lake Washington School District. Katie is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others and she is proud to work for an organization where she can apply both her skills and her passion. In addition to her role at Stronger Families, Katie coaches a high school cheerleading team. Outside of work, Katie enjoys camping, traveling, dancing, and spending time with her family, friends and her husband, Kyle.

Lauri Sears

Melinda Nelson

Community Volunteer

Noel Meador

Noel Meador is President & CEO of Stronger Families headquartered in Seattle, Washington. His passion is to offer hope and healing to military and first responder relationships that experience high stress due to their chosen profession. Noel is the co-author of the OXYGEN Seminar. OXYGEN has been taught on 76 military installations, in 36 states nationwide and 9 countries. This 8-chapter curriculum looks at everything from intimacy to communication and sex and helps heroes and their partners find connection, hope, and healing. Since 2010, over 50,000 couples have gone through this life-changing relationship program and to date there are 1300+ facilitators nationwide certified to teach OXYGEN.

Noel received his Master’s Degree in Education, is the host of the podcast, The OXYGEN Show, and is trained in Prepare/Enrich, Genesis Process, PREP, John Maxwell Leadership, and Safe Conversations.

Noel lives in Heath, TX with his wife, Karissa, and their four children, Drew (15), Noah(13), Myles (11) and Kaylea (4).

Sean Sanberg

Sean Sanberg is excited to be working with Stronger Families as the Director of Sales and Training.  He and Sarah, his wife of 25 years, began their marriage and grew their family, consisting of two daughters and two sons, in Mountain Home, Idaho.  In this small Air Force Base community, they quickly grew to appreciate and love the military culture as well as the unique challenges that couples face as they serve our country.  As musicians Sean and Sarah regularly found themselves performing at wedding ceremonies, drawn to the excitement and joy that comes from strong, happy, healthy, committed relationships.  Over the past two decades Sean has worked in the arena of marriage and family support speaking at retreats, conducting seminars, hosting workshops, providing coaching sessions, and mentoring one-on-one.  For the last 5 years he has been grateful to continue supporting meaningful relationships through the OXYGEN Program by Stronger Families.  In addition to a great burger, a soulfully sung R&B tune, and time with his family, Sean enjoys playing sports, running, fishing, and good conversations with friends.

Sean Sanberg

Sean Sanberg is excited to be working with Stronger Families as the National Training Director. He and Sarah, his wife of 20 years, are both musicians and have often found themselves performing at wedding ceremonies…loving the excitement and joy that comes from strong, happy, healthy, committed relationships. Sean has worked in the arena of marriage and family support for over 2 decades speaking at retreats, seminar, workshops, coaching sessions, and one on one mentoring. He is grateful to be able to continue his support of meaningful relationships at Stronger Families through OXYGEN for Your Relationships . Sean and Sarah began their marriage and grew their family, consisting of two daughters and two sons, in Mountain Home, Idaho. In this small Air Force Base community they quickly grew to appreciate and love the military culture as well as the unique challenges that couples face as they serve our country. In addition to a great burger, a soulfully sung R&B tune, and time with his family, Sean enjoys playing spots, running, fishing, and good conversation with great friends.

Tiffany Trombley

Tiffany was born in Elmira, New York and then raised in Washington state. She attended Salem International University in WV, where she had an academic scholarship and played soccer for the SIU Tigers. After graduation, she returned home where she applied for a job in Law Enforcement. Tiffany was hired and worked for Des Moines PD for two years. She made a lateral move to the Kirkland Police Department in 2010, where she works as a commissioned Law Enforcement Officer. It was at KPD where she met her husband of 6 years, Jeff. Jeff is a WOC in the US Army and a Detective with Kirkland PD. Tiffany and Jeff have 3 wonderful children, Alexis, Kyle and Zella. Shortly after Zella was born in 2017, Tiffany went back to school for her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. She is now a practicing therapist and has provided couples counseling during SF retreats. She has since become an agency trainer in the material and is excited to help Stronger Families serve First Responders.

Tim Sears

Tim Sears joins Stronger Families with 44 years in the fire service, having served in 4 different fire departments. Tim was actively involved in water rescue, tillered ladder truck ops, safety committee, fire investigator, hazmat, PEER support, board member on KFFBA Benevolent Fund and active in his IAFF Union Local 2545. Tim retired in 2021 from the Kirkland Fire Department in Washington State with many department accommodations for his 30 years of service. Tim can be reached via email at [email protected] or phone 425-679-5671 x701.

Vivienne Gevers

Gevers Wealth Management, LLC

William Gevers

Gevers Wealth Management, LLC


To bring life-changing relationship skills to military, first responder, and veteran families so they can be strong and thrive.


Our vision is for healthy marriages and stronger families in every community. Our military and first responders are our national and local heroes. Their unique occupational experiences add stressors that affect their relationships and families.

Stronger Families comes alongside them to offer hope and tools to strengthen their family unit, thereby impacting future generations in our free society. It’s our privilege to serve those who have already served us.


Every good story has a defining moment. That second where we realize that everything before and after has come down to that one decision. For Noel and Karissa Meador, their defining moment came when they chose to heal their marriage.


A few years married, 80-hour work weeks, a new baby, the launch of a business, a new job, family dynamics, and a lack of understanding their personality differences had the Meadors looking at each other one day asking the question, “are we going to make it?”

Connection was waning. In its place, wounding, misunderstanding, and disappointment grew.

This was the moment the Stronger Families story began.

After digging in, seeking counseling, and learning more about each other and their unique differences, healing began to take root. Noel and Karissa soon realized that hope wasn’t intangible. As they continued to work, the answers weren’t hard to find. But, it took something very few couples spend on their relationship amidst the daily stresses of life–concentrated, devoted effort and time.

Noel and Karissa Meador
Noel Presenting

Through the healing of their marriage, the Meadors developed a passion for other couples to experience hope and healing. They wrote and created the OXYGEN seminar. Later they would go on to develop the personality test, the OXYGEN Profile Assessment.

After a front row seat witnessing a loved one struggle in their marriage after multiple deployments, and a recommendation by a 2-Star General Retired who believed this program could change the lives of our heroes—the Stronger Families mission was birthed.

Today, because of Noel and Karissa’s vision and the incredible team at Stronger Families, OXYGEN has served military, veteran, and first responder heroes in 9 countries, on 76 installations, in 36 states, and now has six chapters nationwide.

Never underestimate the power of a defining moment.

Noel Meador

Noel Meador
President & CEO

Karissa Meador

Karissa Meador
Chief Development Officer
Co-Author OXYGEN Seminar

Caryn Aderhold
Sr. Program Coordinator

Tim Sears
First Responder Director

Tiffany Trombley
Assistant First Responder Director

Ellie Calquhoun
Development Coordinator

Melinda Nelson

Mindy Nelson
Assets Manager and Investor
Stronger Families Board Chair

William Gevers

William Gevers
President, Gevers Wealth Management, Inc.
Stronger Families Board Treasurer

Julie Dillon
PypeServer, Inc. Senior Account Manager
Stronger Families Board Secretary

Keni Thomas
US Army Ranger (Ret.)
Combat veteran of the 3rd Ranger Battalion
Bronze Star for Valor Recipient
Best-selling Author
Award-winning Recording Artist

Vivienne Gevers

Vivienne Gevers
Real Estate Investor

Don Nelson

Don Nelson
CEO, Team Nelson

Randi Johnson
Founder, Ladies Who Lunch

Eric Johnson
TPG Senior Advisor and Software Executive

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